Learn to make cloth from string. 

Weaving Classes & Workshops

From introductory rigid heddle loom weaving to handweaving fine silks, and everything between, I love to welcome people to weaving. Please get in touch to discuss me teaching a workshop at your event or venue. 

I provide for workshops:

  • Looms warped and ready to weave
  • Tools and accessories that will be needed
  • Teaching materials
  • Weaving materials and supplies (unless otherwise planned)

Some of my classes.

Rigid Heddle Weaving

A rigid heddle loom has fixed shafts and essentially allows weaving plainweave as a base, and the space to explore from there is endless. Rigid heddle looms are a great, more accessible way to explore weaving. I teach on beautiful Kromski Harp Forte rigid heddle looms.

Multishaft Weaving on a Table Loom

A table loom is one of the best ways to explore structure and design in weaving. They have more shafts, allowing for more complexity in weaves, but are compact and many can be folded away. I teach on my small fleet of lovely 8-shaft Dutch Louët Jane looms.

Hand Dyeing

Hand dyeing on yarn bases not only allows us to choose from a truly endless palette of colour but also opens up an enormous range of blank yarn bases and materials

Hand Spinning

Cloth, whether knit, crochet, or woven, is made from yarn. Yarn is made from fibre. The process of turning fibre into a usable yarn is meditative and has so much room for creativity. It can also be a particularly portable handcraft, with the use of spindles. 

I’m an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I aim to make every member of a workshop feel included and engaged, from beginners to those with more experience.