My Studio

My tools, equipment, and working space.

My Studio

My studio is a space to learn, explore, produce, and share. I have my looms, knitting machine, sewing machines, textiles library, and the rest of my equipment and supplies. 

My Studio Looms

I divide my time between three floor looms. A 32 shaft 130cm Louet Megado compudobby production floor loom, a 12 shaft 110cm countermarche Louet Spring, and an 8 shaft 90cm Louet David jack loom. 

I use Louet looms because of their clean, elegant engineering and high performance. For interest in purchasing one, please contact me here

My Teaching Looms

I mostly teach on Louet Jane 8 shaft table looms. I prefer to teach on table looms because they are portable, compact, flexible, and allow for more experimentation in structure and design on the fly. 

Rigid Heddle Looms

I also teach on rigid heddle looms. These are a great hobbyist choice to explore colour and use knitting weight yarns. They’re portable, more affordably-priced, and beautifully made. For interest in purchasing one, please contact me here

My materials

I work with a range of naturally-derived fibres, including wools, silks, and plant fibres. The variety in texture, handle, and other qualities. For interest in purchasing weaving yarns, please contact me here