My Work

My studio, my work, and my materials.

My Ethos

I believe that my work must be transient. It must be able to be broken down and return to the land eventually. I want it to last a long time and be used, but not last forever. I believe in reducing harm by using materials that are produced safely both for the people making them and for the earth. I believe in rejecting authority and hierarchy and creating an environment of collaboration and fairness.

My work

I work primarily with fine natural materials, like precious silks, rare cottons, and other fibres of plant and animals sources. I am interested in complex weaves and colour work, exploring dimension and scale, transience, and subtlety.  

My Studio

Some information on my work area and my equipment.


A small selection of my work from over the years. 

Contact Me

For more information on my work and commissions please feel free to contact me.