About Me

I trained in botany and languages on the lush west coast of Canada, in the temperate rainforest understory of moss and ferns. Nowadays you’ll often find me in the woods of England, spindle in hand, creating as I walk. In my weaving practice I work primarily with my hand-painted palette of subtle, shifting colours, and complex weaves that aren’t immediately apparent – as you look they jump out. I’m interested in iridescence, subtlety, and scale. I’m a former board member of Complex Weavers and a member of the Heritage Crafts Association. 

As a handweaver, dyer, craftsperson, and botanist I’m committed to sustainable, natural materials, as well as the science behind them. Commercially, I own Saltwater Rose, a supplier of specialist yarns for my fellow weavers and textile producers. We work with everyone from individual makers, to independent production weavers & knitters, to commercial textile producers and textile colleges, to provide natural, precious materials. I also provide consultation on materials and sustainability to commercial clients

I’m also a photographer, writer, speaker, and educator, teaching classes and seminars on a comedically vast range of fields. My photography has been sold as prints and been delivered to many happy clients. My wish now is to focus on my writing as a way to bring together and share my areas of interest, and to invite people in to fields and topics that they hadn’t considered before.

I’m an eclectic perpson and perpetual learner. I’ve worked in international business, am a photographer, I’ve taught Spanish at university, been a multi-lingual translator, cake decorator, and a million other things. I used to think it made me unfocused to have so many areas of interest, but now I know that it enriches me to have so many areas of expertise and curiosity that leads me to ever more.

I have a ferocious sense of humour, I talk fast, and am overcome with enthusiasm for everything I throw myself into.

As a scientist and an artist I see no clear border between the two. Both are grounded in experimentation, instinct, and an urge to push boundaries.