I make cloth from string.

The timeless and humble work of weaving is the culmination of the journey from fibre to thread to cloth. It unites the land, the hands, and the loom.

My textiles practice is centred around transience and the ephemeral; scale and perspective. Textiles are simply cloth made from string. What happens with that string is a bit science, a bit art, a bit alchemy.


I teach a range of weaving workshops and sessions,, from rigid heddle to multishaft weaving, hobby to production weaving, dyeing, spinning, and more. I also teach photography of textiles. 


Join me for posts about textiles, sustainability, materials,, and this making life.. I also write about photography, nature, and beyond.

About Me

My background, and ethos. More informaiton about my other projects and areas of expertise,, from botany to photography.

Featured Work

I work with the finest silks, rare cottons, and novel plant and animal fibres to create enormous woven pieces metres long. I explore complex and unbalanced weaves and work with perspective and scale.


Writing about textiles., sustainability, nature, photography, and creative life.

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